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Why We Lead: How Could We Not?

June 18, 2019
mountaineering on machame route with moondance

Moondance’s 24th summer has begun! With over 30 trips already underway, we are officially off and running into Summer 2019.


For ten months of the year we are prepping and anticipating the opening days of the summer. As students and leaders disperse all over the world, we are thankful for the time we are able to spend together at Staff Training. The electric energy is palpable throughout training as over 100 undeniably cool people come together in pursuit of another unforgettable summer. Staff Training brought this incredible group of leaders together for an incredible two weeks. We saw each and every leader shine as they discovered, for the first time, or remembered, for the seventh time, why they lead.


A couple leaders reflect on Staff Training and what it means to them going into Summer 2019:


Staff Training is comparable to Christmas morning. The presents are the best kind — new friends, and the celebration lasts not one day but two weeks! Two weeks of productively learning new things while connecting with some of the most passionate, loving, and enthusiastic people one could ever imagine.” – Third Year Moondance Leader


“I love getting to Staff Training and finally putting a face to a name! We hear about these leaders all year and they really exceeded my expectations. They are off the charts!” – Janie Spilman, Administrative Team


“Moondance’s Staff Training, the place where the most positive and influential people surround me, all gathered in one place. A team of people who have grit and gumption and are not runners of the rat race of life and will not ever be. Not only is my adventure meter full when I am there, but my heart is also. If you are searching for a group of game-changers, you have located them.” – Fourth Year Moondance Leader


Staff Training is my Olympics, my Oscars, my rodeo, my Grammy’s, my Superbowl. We work and wait all year for this.” – Liza McLain, Administrative Team


How could we not lead when we know how good it is to lead students for two months of the year? How could we say no to creating those experiences with people we will never forget? We can’t say no. That’s why we find ourselves jumping headfirst into the 24th Moondance summer with some of the greatest people we’ve ever met.


This is why we lead, because how could we not?


– Moondance HQ